Tours by local friend is a chance if you know a local in Istanbul, otherwise it can be very challenging. Here, we have created a 3 Days Istanbul Tour Itinerary for you. Therefore, you can check our travel article till the end and have an idea of basics.

Istanbul is the most crowded with of Turkey with a population of 6 million people according to statistics of government – everybody knows that there is about 20 million people living in this city. Istanbul is one of the largest metropols of world since it’s foundation by king Byzas in prehistoric era, today you can see that the population of city itself is 1/4 of total population of Turkey.

The reason of the crowd in Istanbul is mainly economical with its sea, land, railway and air connections, universities and touristic attractions which brings people from all around the world.

In fact, most of the highlights of Istanbul are located in central areas which had been inhabited since early periods of human history in the city. So visiting some sites on your own is possible, of course. However, in terms of professional information, a guide will be beneficial for everyone.

Istanbul Tour Itinerary - Hagia Sophia
Istanbul Tour Itinerary – Hagia Sophia

The first day of Istanbul Tour in historic sites

Starting from period of King Byzas people started investing and constructing in this magnificent land to live, getting rich and showing off. Today we see Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya), Topkapi Palace, Gulhane Garden, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome Square and Ibrahim Pasha Palace.

Istanbul Tour Itinerary - Suleymaniye Mosque
Istanbul Tour Itinerary – Suleymaniye Mosque

Second day for beautiful view of Istanbul

Best picturesque sites of Istanbul are listed on this day for you, definitely an Instagram Photo Tour day. Colorful streets of Grand Bazaar and Sulemyaniye Mosque, which is located on highest hill on Historical Peninsula of Istanbul. Then, having a tea at terrace cafés in Suleymaniye area and visiting Spice Market to taste local flavors such as delights and herbal teas. The rest of the day can be spent on the Bosphorus to see the real beauty of Istanbul. And you can take photos of palaces located by both sides of Istanbul.

Istanbul Tour Itinerary - Kadikoy District
Istanbul Tour Itinerary – Kadikoy District
Third day visit of Istanbul

What I recommend is passing to Asian side and visiting Kadikoy district which is cozy and lively with full of young people. The real taste of local Turkish dishes is in Kadikoy Bazaar. You can taste yoghurt with honey, after that, Ciya Kebab House cooked in traditional way. Original taste of Turkish ice-cream and hospitality of people who are living between neighbors of mosques and churches around them. You will witness the colors of every day life in small shops and tea houses lined along with book stores full of children and students. Going to Uskudar district and sailing to Maiden’s Tower to have a wine will make your istanbul tour memorable experience.

Istanbul Tour Itinerary - Istanbul Modern Art
Istanbul Tour Itinerary – Istanbul Modern Art
A bonus suggestion for your Istanbul excursion

If you are an art lover and interested in modern arts, you can visit backstreets of Taksim area, which is full of art galleries and modern collections of artists. You can have a conversation directly with the curator in most of the exhibitions. However, please note that most art exhibitions are temporarily on display in culture centers. Our Istanbul Tour Itinerary is over here, and please feel free to contact us to plan your Istanbul trip.