Tour overview

Sights to visit in today’s Istanbul Tour; Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Great Palace Mosaics Museum, Serefiye (Theodosius) Cistern

These are in our list of visit today to enjoy city of Istanbul which was once Constantinople of Byzantine Empire,

Today we will visit most important 3 highlights of Istanbul from ancient Byzantine and all around Ottoman country. You will see relics of more than two world empires and comprehend history surroundings from Istanbul, Anatolia, Asian Minor and Middle East in depth with explanations of your professional local tour guide in 4 hours.

Daily Istanbul Tour with a local guide will offer you a great chance to see the city from a different perspective with deep knowledge of an expert. Discovering relics of Byzantine Empire in Serefiye Cistern and Great Palace Mosaics Museum will be an advantage to expand your mind for rich collection of Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

Accompany of a local and knowledgeable person during your tour here will make you more comfortable and give you a chance to learn more both about history, culture, art and architecture of city.

Your your guide will meet you at *Starbucks Coffee Sultanahmet and make your way to Serefiye Cistern first and then Great Palace Mosaics Museum and we conclude our tour with Istanbul Archaeological Museum.


Important Information;

*Entrance ticket for Serefiye Cistern is 150 Turkish Lira per person, Istanbul Archaeology Museum is 100 Turkish Lira per person, Great Palace Mosaics Museum is 95 Turkish Lira per person.

Your tour guide has license so he/she has skip-the-line priority to purchase museum tickets for you.

Serefiye Cistern and Istanbul Archaeology Museum are closed on Mondays.


  • Private Tour
  • Private Professional Tour Guide
  • Skip-the-line-priority to buy museum tickets

Not Included

  • Entrance Fees
  • Transportation
  • Guide Tips
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Meeting With Your Guide

Meeting point is entrance gate of *Starbucks Coffee Sultanahmet to start your tour in historical peninsula. Your guide will have tour guide badge/license on his/her neck for notice. Suggested departure time for tour is 09:00am.

Serefiye (Theodosius) Cistern

It's also known as Constantinus or Theodosius Cisternas as well. It's one of the cisterns built after the construction of Valens Aqueduct as a connection between Belgrad Forests and Constantinople city as a water source. Nowadays it has been used also as a art gallery for some exibitions and classic music concerts and light show.

Great Palace Mosaics Museum

Among relics of Great Byzantine Palace here we see some famous well preserved mosaics during Roman invasion unlike many other monuments. Scenes of daily life and ordinary people of Constatinople is depicted in this museum which is rarely witnessed, being ordinary was chance of the mosaics which made them useless fo Romans.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

With more than a million piece of collection, it's the richest museum of Turkey however only some of them are displayed due to lack of exhibition halls and constant restorations to keep museum up-to-date. Sacrophagus of Alexander and Treaty of Kadesh which is the first written agreement of world, these are only two of countless archeological examples of Turkey and lands of Ottoman Empire. An immortal piece of work from Osman Hamdi Bey, first archaeologist of Ottoman Empire.

End of Your Tour

Your tour will be completed here and please feel free to contact us if you would like to extend your tour with our alternatives and visit other wonders of Istanbul.

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