See highlights to do in Istanbul city in 5 days! Enjoy it either yourself or with a private tour guide,

Here are the suggestions of a local friend for first time visitors.

Day 1

First stop in Istanbul is definitely Hagia Sophia which was church, museum and mosque once, here you will experience the soul of city. Turkish Islamic Art Museum to see cultural collections of Turkish states in pre-Ottoman era. In Hippodrome Square you will witness the Egyptian Column which is the symbol of power in Byzantine era. As you can see in Rome and Washington. Then, you can also try pottery making as a local experience.

Do in Istanbul - Hagia Sophia
Do in Istanbul – Hagia Sophia

Day 2

See glorious Dolmabahce Palace with Imperial Harem Section by the Bosphorus which was home of Ottoman Empire for a long period as symbol of power. Take a public ferry to Asian side and remember having Turkish tea and simit (baggle) on the journey as a part of traditional habits. On Uskudar you can take a small boat to Maiden’s Tower which is the iconic landmark of Istanbul city and romance.

Do in Istanbul - Ferry to Asia
Do in Istanbul – Ferry to Asia

Day 3

Have a breakfast by the Bosphorus Strait with the best view of a city founded on two continents. Join a public cruise or a private rent a private yacht for Bosphorus Cruise till second bridge or third bridge if you like nature. At the end of your tiring day, you can enjoy Turkish Bath experience in Hurrem Sultan Turkish Bath with foam and vapor before going to sleep.

Do in Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise
Do in Istanbul – Bosphorus Cruise
Day 4

Start your day with a breakfast on terrace cafés in Suleymaniye with panoramic view of city. Have a cruise on Golden Horn and taste Turkish coffee on Pierre Loti Hill. To complete your day, you can see Whirling Derwish Show in Hodjapasha.

Do in Istanbul – Whirling Derwish Show
Do in Istanbul – Whirling Derwish Show
Day 5

Enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Princess Islands on your own by riding bike or hiking on hilly island. Or climb to the church on top of Buyuk Ada (Big Island).

Do in Istanbul – Ferry to Buyuk Ada
Do in Istanbul – Ferry to Buyuk Ada

Please remember that Istanbul has unlimited options for everyone,

Feel free to contact us to discover these options.